Meditation is as old as the first human who looked at the stars and wondered about the mystery of life. Native tribes found answers in the land. In Himalayan caves, mystics sat in silence while the Desert Fathers of the Middle East turned their attention to the heart. Monks across Asia experienced deep insight in the endless cycle of breath.

For thousands of years, in all corners of the globe, in every faith and tradition, people have practiced meditation. And now, this wisdom is available in one online library.

Welcome to MeditationWise. We're an international team of passionate meditators, and we're excited to share more than sixty of the world's most diverse, time-tested techniques. We offer a personalized experience, tailored to your interests and needs. Our goal is to demystify meditation and help you discover its life-changing benefits for yourself.




Science is finally catching up to what the sages knew all along: Meditation is the single most powerful habit one can adopt to positively affect just about every aspect of life—from physical, mental, and emotional health to fulfilling relationships, self-love, and spiritual development. Brain imaging shows that meditation actually rewires neural pathways to make you kinder, smarter, and happier. You'll hear about relevant scientific studies with each technique, and we'll keep you posted on the latest discoveries on our Learn page. 

Through careful research and clear instructions, MeditationWise helps you to create a meditation practice that lasts. Go deep in a technique from your own tradition. Explore something totally new. Or get a new perspective on a pressing problem. The answers are within. And we’re here to help you find them. Let’s start the journey!


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